Conveying Systems

In the field of special plant construction, we are your reliable partner for tailor-made conveyor systems.
With years of experience and technical know-how, we develop individual solutions to meet your logistical and production-related challenges.
Our aim is to make your processes more efficient and economical by means of innovative conveyor technology.

Closeness to our customers and understanding of their specific requirements form the basis of our work. One example of this is this product.
In the picture you can see our variable lifting table FHT750. The special feature is that it can be varied pneumatically between 800 and 1200 millimeters. The maximum load is up to 90 kg. The required attachments such as rollers can be additionally screwed on. Of course, other essays can also be set up, which you can specify.

The 4-story vertical conveyor designed by Feichtinger can lift up to 3 tons. The advantage of this system is that it is accessible from all four sides on each floor. The conveyor has a roller gear. It is also adjustable by 90°, so that the load can leave the lift in all directions.

Vertical Conveyor
Variable Lifting Table FH-750

Our expertise in the field of special constructions enables us to develop tailor-made solutions for complex requirements in conveyor system construction. Our focus is always on the satisfaction of our customers and the sustainability of our plants. With us, you get a conveyor system that is precisely tuned to your processes and benefit from a strong partner who will lead your project to success with passion and precision

Chain Conveyor

The conveyor belt on the left conveys cardboard cup covers between different processing stations. Feichtinger GmbH was commissioned with the design, production and documentation of the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is walkable and is prevented by side guides from running off the roll.The design was planned for integration into an existing machine.

Conveyor belts of any kind

In the pictures to the right you can see transport cars of the company Feichtinger. These are used to transport or lift worktops for kitchens. The loads to be lifted reach a total weight of between 1 and 6 tons. These trolleys can also be moved sideways through a rail system. Also systems with which it is possible to move in all 4 directions via a rail system are available from us. On the top of the trolleys there are rollers in order to be able to remove the plates.

Vehicles for Worktops

The pressure plate lifter consists of two independent pressure plates which are attached to a hoist by means of belt tensioners and belt belts. This hoist is attached to the upper supporting structure, which is supported by I-beams. At the corners of the pressure plates there are guide bars that guide the pressure plates along the supporting structure. The right and left printing plates can be raised and lowered separately via operating stands on the left and right sides of the machine. A light curtain on both sides of the lever ensures security. The lowering is stopped when the belt has a slight overhang, detected by a slack rope switch next to the drive.

Pressure Plate Lifters

The corner conveyor is a conveyor for conveying heavy, part-assembled pallets. The special feature: The combination of chain conveyors between the rollers makes it possible to move the pallet 90° to the direction of movement of the rollers. This is done by the fact that the chain conveyors, placed between the rollers, can be raised and lowered.


Roller conveyors are special conveyors in factories or warehouses on which things are moved by means of rollers. They help to transport materials easily from one place to another. These rollers are particularly useful in production and logistics because they simplify the workflow and the transport of products. They can be found in different work environments such as factories, warehouses and shipping centers.
This roller conveyor shown in the picture is designed for a conveyor weight of 1500 kg. The goods are transported on a Euro-pallet.

Roller- Conveyor FZ-147