Railway Technology

Cityjet-Transport Hook FZ-91/93

The transport hooks are used to lift Cityjet train sets, a common train system used in Austria. They consist of a welded steel construction, 4 feet and 2 handles are welded to the transport hook frame, as well as support plates to absorb the horizontal and vertical forces. On the supporting plates, protective jaws are screwed to protect the paint of the handling parts from damage and to ensure an optimal supporting surface. At the top of the transport hooks there is a pin which is secured with a linch pin. The pin is used to transfer the lifting forces to a suitable load device.

Railway- Sleeper- Demounting Machine FZ-97

This demounting machine was designed and assembled by us. It is used for the automated recycling of wooden sleepers. The so-called ribbed plates are unscrewed from the wooden sleepers fully automatically and the individual parts are sorted separately after manual qualification. The plant is connected to the existing plant by means of a roller table and the emergency stop circuit. Up to 1000 sleepers can be processed per day (1-shift operation).

Mobile Railroad Vehicle

This mobile railroad vehicle is developed by Feichtinger GmbH, which can operate on rails and open terrain. It is used for transporting rails, as well as components needed for the construction of railroad lines. For driving on unpaved ground, caterpillar drives are used, which can be hydraulically moved up and down or rotated, which makes it a flexible device.

Couplings of any kind

In the pictures, you can see coupling rods of various types.
The coupling rod in pictures 1-3 is used for towing wagons and locomotives.
In picture 4 you can see a coupling rod with plastic jaws for bogies. This is used for towing bogies within the plant.
In Fig. 5, one can see a quick connector used for towing Railjet train sets.
The following pictures show a connector that provides a quick connection of wagons/locomotives like the Railjet, Cityjet, RH4020 and road-rail vehicles.
The following picture shows the associated quick-connect clamp and its components, which also enables a quick change of the coupling part on the train side as well as on the road vehicle side.

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Rail Loading Crane FZ-72

These cranes are used for loading wagons with rails. To make this possible, more pieces of this type are attached to up to 4 wagons. Thus, the Cranes can be placed directly on the loading area. The system is compact and easy to attach. The loading system is designed for rail sections up to 120 meters long and a maximum load of 8 tons. The system is operated via radio remote control. Up to 4 cranes can be controlled at the same time with only one remote control.

Vectron- Transport hook FZ-158

The transport hooks are used to lift Vectron locomotives. The transport hook consists of a solid steel construction. The small and large protective beacons serve as a lateral support surface on the locomotive. The load hook is attached to the locomotive with the fixing latch. The pin secures the fixing latch. The pin is for holding a sling. The pin is secured by a linch pin. The transport eyelet is located at the upper end.